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DMA Marine, a subsidiary of the Dan Marine Group Ltd., has since 2003 been a leading system designer, manufacturer & supplier of marine Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems, MGO/MDO Chiller Systems, Galley & Laundry Equipment for approximately 3,000 shipsets to the Chinese shipbuilding industry.

DMA was preceded by OEM marine air conditioning equipment manufacturers that were founded in 1997 and has accumulated more than 20 years of expertise in producing high quality equipment in this sector.

DMA Marine’s former name was “ DM Alscott Marine Offshore HVAC Ltd.”.


DMA Shanghai Ltd. – a joint venture under DMG, headquarters in Shanghai with diversified business activities in R&D, Product Design, Manufacturing and Trading, supported by a team over 200 personnel from liaison and branch office in Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nantong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Taiwan, USA, Greece, and Singapore, providing our customers worldwide round the clock with products & services for:

HVAC units for Marine&Offshore

Refrigeration plants

Galley equipment

Ventilation Equipment

Centrifugal & Axial fans

Having partnered with global makers, DMA Shanghai Ltd. is strived to deliver customers with high quality, energy efficient, cost effective & environmental friendly products.


DMA Nantong Ltd. the production plant of DMA Shanghai Ltd. located in Jiangsu, Nantong Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, sitting on an area of 60,000 square meters, with highly skilled engineers responsible for research & manufacturing of the group’s range of products, safeguarding quality and competitiveness, whilst building ourselves a global brand name.


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