“Yu Ming” has been put into teaching and scientific research officially.

The 48000 tons ocean teaching training ship of Shanghai Maritime University is now the largest in investment scale, equipped with the most advanced facility and complete function in the world, adopted brand new energy-saving mother ship development, owning the newest equipment and instrument in current ship industry, meanwhile has the ability of global unlimited navigation. The total length of the ship is 189.9m, 32.26m molded breadth, 15.7m depth and navigational speed is 17 knots, integrating shipping teaching, scientific research, international communication and cargo transport as a whole.
“Yu Ming” emphasizes student internship and practical training; can hold 160 students for marine practice at the same time. The training ship is also honored as “Mobile Campus at Sea”, which converges nowadays international advanced facilities of sailing teaching internship and scientific research, has crew and students’ living quarters, available in both teaching and living facilities. “Yu Ming” can not only supply perfect conditions of education and living, but also be engaged in freight with 45800DWT bulk carrier all over the world.
DMA stands out in numerous domestic and overseas suppliers, offers high-quality and high-level air conditioning and refrigeration equipment as well as technical support for the teaching and students' living and many other areas, to satisfy students and teachers' needs of practice teaching and research, that to be highly praised by the leadership, teachers and students of Shanghai Maritime University.


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