BP Angola FPSO PSVM, 2010

In 2008 MODEC has been awarded a Frame Agreement from BP for the supply of an FPSO under an EPCI contract for the PSVM(Plutao, Saturno, Venus and Marte) Development in Block 31 offshore Angola.
The FPSO will have production capacity of 157,000 barrels per day and first oil from the development is scheduled in 2011.
Through global searching important spare parts, strict quality control, exquisite production technology, and rigorous products testing, therefore DMA supplied high-quality and high level air conditioning refrigeration equipment and technical support, winning high praise of the customers.



Main scope of supply for DMA HVAC&R

 1. Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) for E-house area

2. Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) for FLER area

3. Packaged Air Conditioner (PAC)

    & Air-Cooled Condensing Unit (ACCU) for Storage room

4. Packaged Air Conditioner (PAC)

    & Air-Cooled Condensing Unit (ACCU) for Workshop

5. Packaged Air Conditioner (PAC)

    & Air-Cooled Condensing Unit (ACCU) for Laboratory

6. Two-stage Filters for Galley and UPS room

7. Louver Boxes for Engine Room

Note: Offshore HVAC Requirement is applied:

lZone 2, IIA, T3, IP56.
316L stainless steel construction.


Key components for HVAC&R

1. Ex-Compressor: Bock (Germany)
2. No-sparking Condensing Fan: Nyborg (Norway) .
3. PED Receiver: Bitzer (Germany).
4. Cooling & Condensing Coil: Luvata (USA-China).
5. No-sparking blower: Kruger (Singapore).
6. Ex-Motor: Brook-Crompton (England) .
7. Control valves: Parker, Emerson (USA).
8. Instrument: Danfoss (Denmark).
9. Junction box: Cooper (USA).


Air cooled deck unit


Packaged air conditioner


After installation






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