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MGO Cooling System

Fuel change-over system/Diesel Switch


Thermal shock during change-over
The change-over from HFO-MGO-HFO can be somewhat dangerous for the fuel equipment as hot heavy fuel (80~90℃) is mixed into relatively cold gas/diesel oil.  The mixture is not expected to be homogeneous immediately and some temperature/viscosity fluctuations are to be expected.   The process therefore needs careful monitoring of temperature and viscosity.  

During the change-over, the temperature increase/decrease rate should be less than 2℃/min. To protect the fuel equipment from thermal shock (expansion problems) resulting in sticking, a fully automatic change-over function including the fuel cooler control will be beneficial to avoid incidents related to human mistakes.

Advantage of DMA fuel change-over and cooling system

DMA fuel change-over unit DMA


l Safe change over between HFO and MGO/MDO.

l Programmable and controlled temperature changing rate.

l Available both for automatic and manual mode.

l Simple to operate for crews on vessel.

l Easy to install on retrofit and new building ships.


Standard Supply

The scope of supply for fuel change-over unit is comprised of the followings:

l Change-over valve

l Temperature sensor

l Control box and software (integrated)



Selection of fuel cange-over system



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