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Water cooled chiller
Cooling capacity:58~1856kw

MCWS series marine water-cooled chiller with hermetic or semi-hermetic screw compressor can supply chilled water for marine air-conditioning systems and other special equipments.The unit is composed of a hermetic or semi-hermetic screw compressor, a water-cooled shell tube condenser, a dry-expansion evaporator, expansion valve, filter, sight glass, shut-off valve, control box etc.The unit has compact structure, reliable performance and convenience for maintenance. After connecting the power and the cooling water system, users can run the unit easily.
● Refrigerant: R407C, R134A, R404A, R22 etc.
● Compress: a hermetic or semi-hermetic screw compressor,Bitzer, Carrier, Bock brand.
● Condenser: shell and tube type, with high efficiency and good corrosion protection.
● System valves: Danfoss (Denmark), reliable and durable.
● high class painted for marine application..
● PLC or classic control.
● 50/60 Hz, 3 phase.


DMA also supplies water chiller for MGO cooling system, with semi-hermetic piston compress or screw compressor.

Technical data(With Single Compressor, R407C):



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