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Air Handling Unit
Air flow:0.2~8.8m3/s


The MAHK marine air handling unit is the important device to deal with the temperature and humidity of the air in the cabin. Normal AHU parts consist of the following sections.
which can be freely combined and mounted in casings to form complete sections: mixing air intake, filter section, heating section, cooling section, humidifying section, fan section, discharge section.

● Panel and frame: corrosion protection material, Alu-Zinc Steel or Stainless Steel optional.
● The panels are 50 mm thick and consist of a double skinned steel sheet with intermediate mineral wool.
● Fan-motor unit: double inlet centrifugal fan, with V-belt driven motor.
● The spiroduct or square duct can be connected directly to the sections for easy installation.
● The access doors are available, which can be opened and detached easily for inspection and servicing.
● The functional sections are optional for customers, and meet the most demanding requirements.
● Cooling medium: refrigerant (R404A, R407C, R134A, R22 etc.) or chilled water.
● Heating medium: steam, hot water, hot oil, or electric heating.
● Humidifying medium: Steam, fresh water + compressed air, or fresh water.
● 50/60 Hz, 3 phase.



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