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Marine Air cooler for Cold Store


The SHC marine air cooler is the important device to deal with the temperature of the air in the cold rooms.The unit is pre-installed with refrigeration components such as shut-off valve, solenoid valve, expansion valve,check valve, evaporating temperature regulator etc.The standard fin pitch of air cooler is 6.3mm, and used in area with room temperature between +15 ℃ and -35℃.

● Refrigerant: R404A, R407C, R134A, R22 etc.
● Fan Motor Assembly
All models use a new type of high efficiency low consumption fan motor assembly, incorporating internal thermal protection, IP55, insulation class F.The fans have been statically and dynamically balanced, fan motor assembly are wired to the unit’s electrical box.
● Electric Defrost
The stainless steel electric heater element permits a quick and efficient defrost of the coil. The heater elements are connected to the unit’s electrical box. For special and particularly aggravated conditions of applications a heavy duty electric defrost for both the coil and shroud is available. Electrical box: IP 55.
● Casing
The new designed casing is carefully constructed and painted to blend with materials normally used in cold rooms.
● Maintenance and Cleaning
Access to all internal parts can be achieved with one tool; the grill, side panels and drip tray are easily detached giving access to fan motor assemblies,electric heater elements, and TEV. Furthermore, inside the unit, a suction pressure gauge connection is available to allow for the checking of suction pressure and correct performance of the air cooler.

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