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Deck Unit

Deck Unit
Cooling capacity:35~418kw
Cooling medium:water cooled


Traditional split air conditioning system
Comparing to traditional air conditioning system, DMA’s deck unit is combined with condensing unit and AHU which has many advantages:
Short installaion time:
- 2 Cables: 1 power supply + 1 signal line.
- 2 Cooling water piping:1 inlet + 1 outlet.
- 2 Drain water piping: Both side.
- 2 Air duct: 1 inlet + 1 supply outlet.
Low Installation cost:
- without additional piping between AHU and CU.
- without additional insulation for low temperature pipe.
- less refrigerant charge required.
Low leakage risk:
- without long refrigeration pipe to decrease the risk of leakage.


All operation of unit including start/stop and adjustment of set points can be done via the control panel and control equipment itself. The control panel is located on deck unit under AHU or beside the unit in AC room. After connection to cooling water and power supply, the unit is ready for operation.

DMA supplies three kinds of deck units: Left-right type, up-down type, scroll type. Till now, DMA has supplied 278 sets DU to Clients.



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