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High Efficiency Energy Recovery System


Enthalpy efficiency 63,5%
Temperature efficiency 63,8%
Humidity efficiency 63,3%
One AHU with an air flow of 9.36m3/sec
Ambient condition 35oC / 80% RH
Supply air 22oC / 50% RH
Cooling capacity without EW 747 kW
with EW 328 kW
Saving 419 kW

● Professional detailed survey.
● Excellent cooperation with crew on board.
● Complementary supervision on the first installation (min. order 30 wheels).
● 20 years of experience in HVAC & Refrigeration.
● Fullsize energy recovery wheels up to 5m in diameter.
● Increased shaft and bearing diameter for optimum strength and resistance to high differential pressure.
● Bearings mounted outside the hub to increase strength and servicability.
● Molecular sieve coating ensures optimal humidity transfer especially under winter conditions. Humidity efficiency exceeding 85%.
● More foil surface for higher temperature efficiency.
● Removable segments (not glued together) for easy maintenance and replacement.
● Adjustable brush sealing to avoid leakage.
● Stronger brackets and gear box on the drive unit.
● RPM adjusted for optimum energy transfer(20 RPM).
● Fits in any existing AHU regardless the brand.
● Competitive pricing.

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