HVAC Services
DMA provides full turnkey service for marine&offshore HVAC and refrigeration system.

Project Management
DMA has a skilled project management team, controlling the progress of various projects. Either drawings or technical issues or maintenance services, as well delivery can be arranged in a timely manner by the project managers.

Engineering Design on site
For complex and large air conditioning system, or the clients need system upgrading & modification, we can arrange experienced engineers for the measurement and positioning guidance in the field.

Mechanical construction
DMA can provide a solid technical foundation construction teams to conduct on-site construction.

Site supervision
If customers have doubts about new building or retrofitting project, DMA can provide on-site supervision services, professional technical staff full-time in the field control the progress of the installation and installation methods, and guide the installation.

Labor for installation
Equipment installation, pipeline installation, valve installation, cable wiring, insulation materials packaging, etc, DMA can provide materials and labor to customers.

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