HVAC Services


Commissioning preparation work checking

 Check all preparation work before start commissioning, and guide the customers to install equipments.




We have over 30 experienced and skilled service engineers, each one has done commissioning for 30 ships, and we can attend service in all port in China or oversea any time.


Overhaul for HVAC&R

 Provide overhaul service for air conditioning & refrigeration system according to planned maintenance schedule.


Troubleshooting & repair

 Provide troubleshooting and recovery repair, charging refrigerant, supplied tools and spare parts.


Sea trail attendance

 Service engineer can attend sea trail as per request for new building vessels, voyage repair service is also available.


Spare parts

  DMA supplies spare parts for compressors, pumps, valves, refrigerant, control parts, etc.


Fluid Flow Measurement 
Functional Performance Testing 
System Pressurization 
HVAC Controls 
Systems Integration 
Trend Logging 
Operation Manual
Maintenance Documentation



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