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Desiccant dehumidifiers in the DMAD-T range, are bigger dehumidifiers designed for room air dehumidification and in a quality that matches the DMAD-T range – our flagship. The chosen proportion between rotor dimension, air flows and connected load, results in dehumidifiers with very high energy efficiency. The advantages of this design are considerable, particularly at low temperatures and low %RH.

● Cabinet manufactured in stainless steel
● High capacity kg/h at normal temperatures and %RH
● Economic operation, in particular at low temperatures and low %RH
● External pressure for process air adapted to the existing installation
● Cabinet with insulated inlet plenum for process air
● Pocket filters for process air inlet are standard
● Stepless temperature control ensures constant reg.air temperature
● Stepless capacity control by using our DCC control and by adjusting the electrical components (accessories)
● High performance desiccant rotor of silica gel, alternatively molsiev or LiCl
● Efficient rotor gaskets with long durability
● Service doors in front of all internal components
● Operation and service from one side of the cabinet
● Regeneration by electricity, steam or gas
● This range of dehumidifiers has a variety of applications, among others:
● Dry air storage in general: Humidity control in unheated storage buildings
● Internal corrosion protection of machinery parts, bridges etc. with dry air
● Cold stores and freezers: Reduction of ice on evaporators, at doors, on ceilings and on goods
● Process and production rooms with low %RH in the
● pharmaceutical and the food industries
● Water work buildings (including open top filters)
● Ships, protection of cargo
● Shipyards, at sandblasting and painting
● Ice rinks
All humidity controls, DR10, DA20, DH24, DCC, can be used for the DMAD-T dehumidifiers. The choice depends on the degree of accuracy needed and external user information. Together with the DCC controller, the dehumidifier can be delivered with stepless capacity control preparing the dehumidifier for control signal 0-10V and 4-20 mA (accessory).


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