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Air Washer


The air washer type AWK, is widely used to clean the dust air on transporting cargoes, which usually

transport sand, cement and corn and so on. The air for ventilation has to be purified to avoiding dust damage to machinery installation on ship. The air washer mainly consists of stainless steel case, frame, atomizing nozzle group, droplet separator, drain pan.

By spraying seawater with atomizing nozzles, the dirt of the air will be washed out. The processed air will pass through the rear droplet separator finally, and the rest of droplet will be eliminated.


The panels of air washer are stainless steel with

2mm thickness.

The atomizing nozzle is stainless steel with

corrosion free.

The access door is available on the operation side

for service and inspection.

The air washer is available with H x W (Height x

Width) from 600 x 600 mm to 2000 x 2000 mm at

intervals of 200 mm, and other dimension are

available on request.



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