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Cabin Unit is the terminal device of the air conditioning system, which are applicable for the lodging cabins, dining halls, offices, meeting rooms and so on in the vessels, which can also be used as the terminal device of the hotels, hospitals, large meeting halls, etc. Cabin unit type CUS for Single-Pipe System, type CUR for Re-Heat System and type CUT for Twin-Pipe System, are available for different application. Basically, the cabin unit is made up of 3 parts:

? Attenuator box

Made with Al-Zinc or antimagnetic Al thin steel plates, laid inside with fire proof and damp proof rock wool as the sound absorption and insulation material

? Air flow regulating device

Provided with the primary air flow limit and the secondary air flow adjustment. The former can balance the air flow of all cabin units, while the secondary air flow adjustment knob is used for the manual adjustment of the air flow.

? Diffuser

The diffuser of the pan type cabin unit is pressed to form with steel. The diffuser of ball type cabin unit is made with stainless steel and polished outside, set with the adjustment knob to adjust the air flow and air direction conveniently.


? Compact structure and easily installation on the ceiling

? The diffuser is either in the pan type or the ball type

? Single pipe and twin pipe air inlet for the cabin unit are available

? Auxiliary electric heating devices can also be added to the above types of cabin units.


? Attenuator box: Al-Zinc steel

? Diffuser of pan type: Steel

? Diffuser of ball type: stainless steel






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